Get your ticket to Swing of Music!

This event is a WSDC Trial Event. We need 80 participants to take part in one of our JnJ competitions. That's why we have a special price of 80 euros for the first 80 tickets.

Conditions: Immediate payment, secure participation in Newcomer, Novice or Intermediate Division.

Workshop - Single Tickets

Incl. all Workshops, 3 Parties, Competition - 120 Euro


Workshop - Couple Tickets

Incl. all Workshops, 3 Parties, Competition - 120 Euro per Person


Party Tickets

3 Parties, accesse  to Competition - 60 Euro


Intensive Tickets

Robert Royston:

A 3-hour brand new musicality intensive with Robert Royston: “How to structure the perfect dance to music”


All level!


70 Euros

Marina Motronenko:



If you're confident with the basics of West Coast Swing and сomfortably dance with a partner but want something more...

I invite you to a Lady's Styling WCS intensive to further develop the esthetic aspect of your West Coast Swing.



- Getting familiar with patterns, style, and the opportunities West Coast Swing offers

- Developing improvisation skills and the ability to express them within West Coast Swing patterns

- Finding a clear balance in the body and posture to allow free movement 

- Achieving a better understanding of rhythm and musicality


40 Euros



Roland Hamm


TEL: +43/650/2273701